Scratch and Dent Appliances, CT in 2024

Discount scratch and dent appliances in CT and other states are getting more popular especially among budget conscious customers of home appliances.

If you are indeed lucky, you can buy one with no visible scratches and dents, yet pay really low prices for the items.

In addition, these kinds of appliances are actually brand new, but because of improper handling, display, or storage, they bear blemishes and damages.

Remember, the operative word is ‘damage’ not ‘defect’.

Thus, scratch and dent appliances in Connecticut or wherever you are, functions just the same.

Scratch & Dent Used Appliance Stores in Connecticut

1. Zemel’s

A family owned appliance store opened since 1961, Zemel’s is located in Danbury and also caters to people who live in Bethel, Litchfield, Monroe, Newton, Stamford and Wilton. You can reach them by phone at (203) 743-6761 or email at

2. Hallock’s

With a huge selection of cheap and affordable appliances, Hallock’s is a great place to shop if you’ve just moved into a new house or need to replace some items. They carry pretty much everything from refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, ranges to washers, dryers, DVD players and TVs.

They are located in West Haven and you can call them at 1-800-HALLOCKS or

3. Buzaid-Mutual Appliances

With locations in Brookfield and Danbury, Buzaid probably has a vast selection of scratch and dent appliances in Connecticut. You can purchase washers, dryers, ovens, ranges, cooktops, stoves, dishwashers and refrigerators.

You can call up the Brookfield location at 203-775-7066 or the Danbury location at 203-743-6321.

4. Sears Outlet

There is a Sears Outlet located in Newington that holds a huge selection of scratch and dent appliances. One of the great things about Sears is that it is nationwide chain and generates millions of profits every month.

Since the company is constantly manufacturing and shipping, there are a lot of appliances that get scratched and dented while being transported to many of their country-wide locations. Sears is definitely a great place to check out if you are having trouble finding those small mom and pop stores.

5. Melzen’s Appliance

Locally owned and located in Glastonbury, Melzen’s Appliance carries a whole slew of brand name products like LG, Electrolux, Maytag, Wolf, Fisher & Paykel, Whirlpool, Marvel and Sub-zero. You can call them up at (860) 633-1065.

6. S.K. Lavery

 A family-owned discount appliance store, S.K. Lavery has been operating since 1928 and serves customers from all over the state of Connecticut. Located in West Hartford, it is opened from Monday to Saturday. You can reach them by phone at 203-288-7725 or email at

7. Marsillios

Opened in 1948, Marsillios is located Fairfield. With a friendly and helpful staff, Marsillios carries a majority of the major brands and sells cheap scratch and dent appliances. Technology savvy as well, you can now follow Marsillios on Twitter and check their Facebook page for updates and promotions.

From the stores locations above, you should be able to find scratch and dent appliances in CT near you.