Scratch and Dent Appliances, Los Angeles, California in 2024

The list below of places that sell discount scratch and dent appliances in Los Angeles, California will help you save a lot of money.

Keep in mind that scratch and dent appliances are brand new! The only reason they are being sold at a fraction of the original price is because they have superficial flaws due to mishandling. These flaws, however, do not affect the function of the appliance in any negative way.

Many outlets, stores and warehouses do not provide shipping for scratch and dent appliances, so it is important that you find one near your home. Whether you live in the heart of the city, or the outer regions closer to the mountains, there are definitely many stores that you can check out in Los Angeles.

The benefit of living in Los Angeles is that there are thousands and thousands of stores that cater to everyday needs, including cheap household appliances. In this sea of small businesses, there are many brand name stores as well as mom and pop stores that carry anything from refrigerators to dishwashers at great prices.

While the big stores like Walmart and Sears are easy to find through a simple Google search, small stores may be more difficult to find. Below, I have listed some great places to shop for scratch and dent appliances in Los Angeles.

List of Los Angeles Scratch and Dent Appliance Stores

Sears Outlet

There are several Sears locations throughout Los Angeles, California that sell scratch and dent appliances. They are currently having wonderful deals on home appliances where you save more, the more you buy. You get an extra 15% off when you buy two, 20% off when you buy three, 25% off when you buy four or more! There are locations in East Olympic Boulevard, Santa Rosalia Drive and Santa Monica Boulevard. Where as some places might have just a few scratch and dent appliances, Sears has a huge selection because it’s so big. I was able to find a washer and dryer at a steal, which was cheaper than the ones at Walmart.

Savon Appliances

Here you will find a large selection of used and very cheap home appliances. The staff there are very cordial, knowledgeable and professional. I’ve bought several used items from Savon and they have worked well with no major problems for many years. Even when the refrigerator broke down and I needed to replace a delicate part, the people at Savon were able to get it for me at a very low cost. They go out of their way in the name of service and that is why I continue to shop there.

Absolute Appliances

They provide one of the best prices on home appliances and sell everything from refrigerators, garbage disposals, washers, dryers to vacuums and dishwashers. One of the great things about Absolute Appliances is that they are honest when it comes to selling their products to customers and they really care about service. My friend ordered several items from them and he told me that he couldn’t find better deals anywhere else online. They also perform a lot of repairs very quickly and efficiently.

Lerman Appliances

A family-owned business, Lerman is one of the best and cheapest appliance stores in the Los Angeles area. Located in Van Nuys, they are all about customer service and are very honest when it comes to repairs and products. They carry a large selection of scratch and dent appliances that you can purchase at discount prices. The repair jobs done by Lerman Appliances is also top-notch.

Chung’s Appliance

Chung’s has just about every cheap scratch and dent appliances that you could want for your home. They carry a lot of Korean-made products and if you are looking for stone grills, bbq grills, shabu shabu pots, casserole pots, clay pots, rice cookers and sushi rollers, this is the place to go. Chung’s Appliance is located 2946 W 7th Street. You’d be surprised how much you can buy for just under 10 dollars. If you are a big fan of Asian appliances or love to make Asian food, you’ll find everything you need at Chung’s; it is the equivalent of a Korean Walmart.