Scratch and Dent Appliances, San Antonio, Texas in 2024

If you are looking for a discount scratch and dent appliance store in San Antonio, Texas, you are in luck.

The city is home to a number of appliance outlets, from mom and pop businesses to warehouse retailers that specialize in scratch and dent appliances.

Major appliances that are slightly damaged, either during shipping or for some other reason, sell for around 30% less than the same models without damage. The dings and scrapes are only cosmetic; these are new appliances with new motors, components and machinery.

In terms of functionality, these appliances work just as well as a brand new ones.

If you own a home or manage rental property, you would be wise to look for the appliance you need at one of these San Antonio scratch and dent appliance stores before paying full price for a new appliance. You can use the money you’ll save to complete another remodeling project you’ve been wanting to tackle.

Find Scratch and Dent Appliance Stores in San Antonio, Texas

The Scratch and Dent Appliance Superstore is a veritable treasure trove of bargains on major household appliances in San Antonio. The northwest location, on Badera Road, earns rave reviews from satisfied customers who praise this retailer for polite and helpful sales staff, excellent delivery service and significantly lower prices than big name appliance dealers.

Homeowners in San Antonio are so appreciative of great deals that the Scratch and Dent Appliance Superstore also has a northeast location on Broadway Road and a central location on Perrin Beitel Road to meet their needs. All locations of this one-stop-shop appliance retailer are open for business every day of the week.

Factory Builder Stores is a contract distributor that is family owned and operated. The company was founded in 1988, and grew to become the largest of its kind in Texas. Building contractors make up the main customer base of Factory Builder Stores, giving the company purchasing power with appliance manufacturers.

This allows the company to pass on deep discounts to its customers.

The public is welcome to shop the company’s storerooms in cities throughout Texas, including San Antonio. Each location has a Clearance Center where you can find scratch and dent appliances, overstock, canceled orders, previous years’ models, uncrated and discontinued appliances.

The company’s website lists the Clearance Center appliances available at each location, so you can browse the store’s inventory before making the drive to shop for a new stove, washing machine or refrigerator.

Appliance Liquidation Outlet is a good choice if you want all the options of brand new appliances, appliance repair, scratch and dent and reconditioned appliances together in one convenient location on Carolina Street. You can even sell your old appliances to Appliance Liquidation Outlet in some cases, making this business an excellent resource if you manage multiple properties.

In addition to the usual products, this full service appliance retailer offers some very unique appliances; you can purchase an old fashioned Coke machine from the 1950s or a mid-century gas stove. If you are completing a historic remodel, be sure to see what Appliance Liquidation Outlet has to offer.

San Antonio benefits from several appliance dealers that carry scratch and dent appliances in addition to new, used and reconditioned options. Depending on the repair policy or trade in policy you prefer, you are sure to find an excellent resource for all your appliance purchases.