Scratch and Dent Appliances Near Me in 2024

Have you ever asked yourself the following question: where are all the scratch and dent appliances near me?

Here’s the deal:

As a lover of deals and discounts, I started this site to help people like you and me to find scratch and dent stores in their own states and cities.

The great thing about buying scratch and dent appliances is that they function almost as well as a brand new product for up to half the price!

A lot of people like to purchase brand new items, and I don’t blame them! There is something awesome about opening a clean, tightly sealed box, and seeing a sleek device covered in plastic and bubble wrap. It’s a great feeling when your unveiling your first laptop, TV, or mobile phone.

While I certainly enjoy the feeling I get when opening a brand new purchase, I’ve realized over the years that saving myself extra money provides me with more satisfaction.

Over the years, I’ve purchased refurbished Macbooks, iPhones, Android phones, monitors, televisions and surround speakers. I’ve also had the pleasure of buying a scratch and dent refrigerator, washer, dryer, toaster and microwave. Of all these purchases, I’ve only regretted one, and that was a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which stopped working after a month of use.

Fortunately, I was able to get a refund and a replacement, which has been working just fine. Obviously, you take some risk when you purchase a used or slightly damaged good. However, from my standpoint, I can personally vouch that my shopping ways have saved me close to $10,000 and some change.

Used Appliance Stores Near Me

The first step you should take when searching for cheap scratch and dent appliances is to see if you live near one of the following brand name stores below:

1. Home Depot
2. Lowe’s
3. Sears Outlet
4. Ace Hardware
5. True Value
6. Menards
7. Walmart
8. RC Willey

These are the top stores that will most likely have the best deals and biggest selection on whatever product you are looking to purchase. When my parents were renovating their new home a couple years ago, I stepped in to help them purchase all their home appliances at great prices.

Thankfully, we live in a fairly large metropolitan city in the Midwest, so we had an array of options. We hit up Home Depot and Lowe’s, which were less than 10 miles away from their house. After finding a lot of good deals in both nationwide stores, we also decided to check out Sears and Walmart as well.

Pretty much, from these four stores, my parents were able to get all their major appliances: refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, washer and dryer at ridiculously low prices. We were specifically looking at items that were 30% to 50% cheaper than their brand new counterparts.

Mind you, these appliances were made by world-class brands such as Samsung, LG, KitchenAid, Electrolux, Frigidaire and Bosche.

Okay, so let’s say you’ve looked up all 7 stores mentioned above and didn’t find any near you. Now what? Well don’t you worry! Instead of spending hours of your precious time researching and looking up places, only to end up at the wrong place, I’ve compiled a list of stores in cities and states across America. This took countless hours of research and back-aching research, and is completely free for use.