Why Scratch and Dent Headquarters?

I’ve always been an avid money saver and I’ve always bought products that have been used and refurbished. And while I may not get the satisfaction of opening a package containing a brand new, pristine product, I am rest assured by the fact that I’m reusing something that could have been easily thrown away in the dumpster, piling up the tremendous amount of human waste that already exists here on Earth. So why not save money and help save the planet, one small step at a time?

Thus, in my pursuit to purchase scratch and dent appliances, I realized that there were not a lot of good resources to help me find the stores that contained these items, other than the big ones. Here at Scratch and Dent HQ, I’ve made it my mission to search for places where you can find great deals on scratch and dent appliances, whether it be huge chain stores or small mom and pop stores. However, I want to encourage people to shop in the small mom and pop stores to also help local small businesses. Walmart does not really need anymore money than it already has.

What’s Unique About Scratch and Dent HQ?

My goal for this site is to give people the best available, up to date information on scratch and dent locations in the United States. Stop buying expensive brand new products that will hurt your wallet. During these times, when the economy has slowed down, it is imperative that we save money by buying scratch and dent products, so that we can spend our hard-earned money on more important things in life.